Home Stairlifts – Tips For Finding the Best Residential Stairlift

If you or someone in your family starts finding it difficult to go upstairs you might consider installing a stair lift for home use. Find out if a home stair lift is the right solution for your family and how to find the best lift.

Getting a stair lift is an important decision, but it is not as difficult and expensive as you might think. There are many stair lift companies and they offer you a full range of services. First, a representative will come to your place, measure everything and give you a quote. Then the lift is manufactured and installed. Even though the installation of a stair lift is a complicated process and needs to be done by professionals, it rarely takes longer than a couple of hours. And then the company should provide after service – to ensure its good working conditions a stair or wheelchair lift needs to be serviced every year.

Types of stairlifts for home

The type depends on your staircase; most stair lifts are straight, suitable for straight staircases. This type is cheaper because they do not need to be customized much. For homes lift rumah with curved staircases a curved lift is required, these usually cost much more because they have to be custom made. Curved lifts are also much harder to sell if you do not want your lift anymore.

Even if you have curved stairs sometimes it is cheaper to install two straight stairlifts rather than one curved one. Consult a company representative to find out if this option is possible for you.

Also you can leave your staircase as it is and install a through-floor lift instead. The advantage of this is that it is also good for wheelchairs. This would be the best solution for people whose condition can get worse with time.

Sitting or standing lift?

Most stair lifts are designed so that the person is sited while transported, these are comfortable and convenient. However, there are also standing lifts for people who find it difficult to bend or sit. Another advantage of a standing lift, that it is also suited for wheelchairs.

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